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Dream Playground


The Dream 1 has plenty to keep the kids’ imaginations and bodies busy, with a slide, two ladders, two swings, a gym ring/trapeze bar, a clubhouse and more! It is part of the Straight-Base Series, which means that it works on level and unlevel ground. So no matter the property type, the Dream 1 is a great choice. Plus, you can add on to your swing set anytime after it is installed, so it can grow with your kids and family. This model also offers an alternative layout.


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Playground Equipment


The Slithering Snake is a playground paradise which combines every fun feature a kid could ask for into one structure. For those who like to slide, there are three 5-foot Turn Slides and a huge, coiling Spiral Slide. Those who like to climb can use the Coil Climber, Matrix Climber, Net Climber, Snake Climber, and a Swinging Overhead Rung Ladder to maneuver around the structure with ease. Even those with musical inclinations won’t be disappointed, with access to two Bongos, two Single Drums, and a Rain Wheel. On the ground floor there is a semi-enclosed area with walls made from activity panels, where children can relax while enjoying the Stump Store Panel, Tic-Tac-Toe Panel, Gear Panel, and Maze Panel. It even has two Bench Panels in the shade beneath the walkways, for kids who only want a quick break from all the excitement.

Sky Tree House 


For children who have always dreamed of a tree house, this is the perfect swing set. A fully enclosed tree house and a clubhouse, plus a slide and a variety of swings, make this playset a dream come true for the kids! Product comes complete as pictured, and should be installed in a level area.