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    • Never Hot
    • Weatherproof
    • Rust/Splinter Free
    • 100% Outdoor Vinyl


    Our courtyard is designed to bring endless fun and contemporary style together! With all the features on this playset, you will want to add this to your house!



    Three 7ft Towers

    Vinyl Roof x3

    Bridge with 3 Swings Seat

    Bridge with Monkey Bars

    Rock Wall

    Rope Ladder


    Tube Slide

    14′ Super Scoop Slide

    Picnic Table

    Water Mist System 💦

    Led Light Kit (Battery)


    Why is Vinyl the Best?


    Always Cool

    Our vinyl deters all sunlight, keeping it completely cool all year round. (Yes even in 100+ degree weather.)


    Weather Proof

    Vinyl withstands water, leaving your playset rust and damage free. Sprinklers, irrigation, rain, no problem!

    The Courtyard Playground

    $30,999.00 Regular Price
    $28,997.00Sale Price

      5 TO 12 WEEKS

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