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    • Never Hot
    • Weatherproof
    • Rust/Splinter Free
    • 100% Outdoor Vinyl


    This backyard playset is designed for smaller spaces, with our most popular slide and climbing options. The Hideout swing set is incredible value made for the whole family. (Avg freight 1250-1350lbs)



    5ft Tower

    Vinyl Roof


    Wave Slide

    Swing Beam with 3 Swings Seats

    Led Light Kit (Battery)


    Why is Vinyl the Best?


    Always Cool

    Our vinyl deters all sunlight, keeping it completely cool all year round. (Yes even in 100+ degree weather.)


    Weather Proof

    Vinyl withstands water, leaving your playset rust and damage free. Sprinklers, irrigation, rain, no problem!

    The Hideout Playground

    $11,497.00 Regular Price
    $9,997.00Sale Price

      5 TO 12 WEEKS

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