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    • Never Hot
    • Weatherproof
    • Rust/Splinter Free
    • 100% Outdoor Vinyl


    The Lookout is a single tower playset with our premium vinyl exterior, and solid wood interior. It features a 3 position swing beam, rock wall/ladder, and wave slide! It has a 4′ high deck, and 10′ high roof! Highest quality vinyl. Does not get hot, zero maintenance in any climate, long lasting. It is an incredible investment in years of fun!


    Why is Vinyl the Best?


    Always Cool

    Our vinyl deters all sunlight, keeping it completely cool all year round. (Yes even in 100+ degree weather.)


    Weather Proof

    Vinyl withstands water, leaving your playset rust and damage free. Sprinklers, irrigation, rain, no problem!

    The Lookout Playground

    $7,497.00 Regular Price
    $5,997.00Sale Price

      5 TO 12 WEEKS

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